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In the listings below "Prefix" identifies what prefix an amateur's call sign must have in order to use the special event call sign.

Please note that special event names are provided as a courtesy only and, as a result, event names are in the language in which they were communicated to us.

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Special Events
Time Call Sign Prefix Start Date End Date Name of Event Trustee
Coming VE2PEACE VE2JCW 2019-11-01 2019-11-20 JOURNÉE DU SOUVENIR VE2JCW
Coming VC3X VE3SSJ 2019-10-26 2019-11-24 CQWW DX Contest VE3SSJ
Coming VA3FIRE VA3AHQ 2019-10-06 2019-10-12 Fire Prevention Week VA3AHQ
Coming VX2A11 VE2DX 2019-07-20 2019-08-19 Special Event Station for the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 VE2DX
Coming XN1M VO1NAR 2019-06-21 2019-07-21 50th Anniversary of the First Moon Landing VO1NAR
Coming VX4WARC VE4BB 2019-06-02 2019-07-01 100th Anniversary of the Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club VE4BB
Coming VB3E VA3 2019-03-30 2019-05-26 CQ WPX SSB and CW Contest VA3RVK
Coming VC2W VE2EKA 2019-03-30 2019-05-26 CQ WPX CW/SSB 2019 VE2EKA
Coming VC2Z VE2BWL 2019-03-30 2019-05-26 CQWPX 2019 SSB et CW VE2BWL
Past CJ3A VA3RVK 2019-02-16 2019-03-17 75th Anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy VA3RVK
Past VD1NUQK VO1AX 2019-01-26 2019-02-26 Anniversary of the Truxtun and Pollux American Naval Disaster VO1AX
Past VO1A VO1NAR 2018-11-01 2018-11-30 100 Years of Remembrance VO1NAR
Past VC3R VE3SSJ 2018-10-27 2018-11-25 CQWW DX Contest (SSB and CW) VE3SSJ
Past CF3A VA3RVK 2018-10-26 2018-11-25 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Institute for the Blind in 2018 VA3RVK
Past VC3M VE3LA 2018-10-26 2018-10-28 CQ WW DX SSB and CW Contests VE3LA
Past VE3FIRE VE3 2018-10-07 2018-10-13 Fire Prevention Week VE3KGK
Past XM3X VE3ZUP 2018-10-01 2018-10-31 200th anniversary of the publishing of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein. VE3ZUP
Past VC3S   2018-09-29 2018-11-25 CQ WW DX Contest VE3EID
Past VC3NPARC70 VE3VM 2018-08-01 2018-09-30 NPARC's 70th Anniversary VE3VM
Past CY1R VO1 2018-08-01 2018-08-31 200th Running of the Royal St John's Regatta VO1NAR
Past VB1M VY1AL 2018-07-28 2018-07-29 IOTA Contest VA1YL
Past CK2I VE2EBK 2018-07-21 2018-08-20 175e anniversaire du Phare Pilier-de-Pierre -St-Jean-Port-Joli VE2EBK
Past VD1A VO1 2018-06-22 2018-06-24 AVRAC 25th Anniversary Field Day VO1AX
Past VE3R   2018-06-20 2018-06-30 Rotary International Convention in Toronto VE3BR
Past VE2SPEED VE2JCW 2018-06-08 2018-06-15 Le Grand Prix de la formule un à Montréal VE2JCW
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